Tete-a-Tete with 3 Bizarre Laws About the Internet and Knowing Their Implications

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Internet is not a different world that is completely exempted from the normal laws that govern our day-to-day life. There are certain laws that are applicable to Internet usage too! There are good laws as well as bad ones, while there are few more that seem to be completely weird and bizarre. The weird laws may sound shocking and odd, but those indeed exist, and are imposed legally by the concerned government to ensure safety of their citizens from internet.

Read on to check out 3 such bizarre-but-true laws involving the internet and their implications.

  1. It’s not legal in the State of Tennessee, United States of America to send or post distressing pictures using internet: For those of you in parts of the world other than Tennessee, this may seem strange, but it’s true. In the State of Tennessee, it is not legal to display or transmit a picture anywhere over the internet that can probably cause emotional distress, intimidate or frighten people who see it. Anyone here means any person irrespective of whether or not the individual in question was targeted for seeing the image.
    This is the one of the most bizarre internet laws ever made! Under this law, if the picture can be traced back to the user, the person could be given a verdict for up to one year in prison, and more than 2,000 dollars fine.
  2. It’s against the law Uxbridge, Ontario to possess an internet connection faster than 56k – Yes, you read it right! It may be hard for people in today’s modern world who use net connections as fast as several GBs to believe that it is illegal to have an internet connection quicker than a mere 56kbps. This is a strange case of seriously out-of-date laws that are still imposed. It’s ridiculous to think of a location where it is not legal to possess an internet connection faster than a dial-up connection, and live with it all your life! Don’t you think this will be the award winner for the most absurd internet law? There’s absolutely not competition for such a law – not at least one that I’ve personally come across.
  3. It is unlawful possess an unregistered modem in Burma - The government of Burma is probably the only one to take internet so seriously. The seriousness is to such an extent that they have a strong hold on access to internet across the nation. Access to internet is restricted by means of software as well as hardware limitations i.e. unregistered modems. Leave alone accessing internet using that modem, even possessing one that is just lying around without actually using it to access Internet, is also illegal.Visitors who come from outside Burma may get only one laptop with them, but that too has to be affirmed upon arrival. And, they can safely assume that each and every mouse click that is made with it is being watched.

    Now, that’s equally absurd as the first two laws explained above, isn’t it?

There are many more bizarre but true internet laws imposed in many parts of the world. A look at law books will reveal all these making people sit back in awe, wondering what the hell these lawmakers were really thinking, when they wrote down such laws, and imposed them on the innocent citizens of respective territories.

There are many such local laws in Texas, but luckily I don’t have any such stupid law imposed here in Dallas that really sucks like the ones listed above. If you have come across any such annoying law in your state, do share it through your comments here.

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