The Evolution Of Cyber Crime And Your Safety

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Just like any community, the internet has its dark side. While the majority of us use it as a force for good (and where would we be without it?) there are unfortunately some people who have identified ways to use it for less honest ways. It seems that cyber criminals are always one step ahead, and you can bet your life they are working on new ways to extort money that we haven’t even heard about yet.

We shouldn’t feel scared of using the internet – why should we avoid this valuable resource? Instead, we just need to wise up and make sure we are completely aware of all the risks out there. We all know that handing out personal information is a pretty dumb thing to do these days but criminals are getting more and more inventive with their ways to fool you. The golden rule is not to trust anyone or anything without doing your homework. Here are the most common types of cyber crime happening at the moment:

Online Fraud

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This is by far and away the largest threat to our financial safety. Online fraud is rife, and people have developed more and more sophisticated ways of duping you. They tend to prey on the private individual, meaning it is innocent people like us that are targeted. Most banks and larger retailers now have very tight security procedures set up to make it nearly impossible for a fraudster to get your money, but it still happens so always make sure you stay alert.

Cyber Bullying

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Cyber bullying is getting worse and worse, and it tends to be teenagers that are the culprits. Bullying has always been an issue but since young people got on the internet it has got even worse. Many teenage suicides have been linked to cyber bullying. It is essential that you keep an eye on your children’s internet activities, and if you suspect that they are either being bullied, or that they are bullying themselves, you need to act on it immediately.

It’s not just children though – adults are just as bad. Online forums are hotbeds of nastiness with people feeling able to say whatever they want without caring how it hurts. Always communicate online just like you would in person – with manners and a nice tone.

Sexual Harassment

Class Participation

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Deep in the underbelly of the internet are certain people who have unpleasant desires. These people get involved with ‘grooming’ young people and pretending to be their friend with the ultimate aim of meeting up with them. It is a very dangerous threat to our society. All sorts of other sexual harassment happen too – child pornography surely being the absolute worst. The police are always doing what they can to stay one step ahead but the internet is a potentially very dangerous place to be so make sure you do all you can to protect you and your family.

It’s perfectly possible to enjoy everything the internet has to offer without running into problems. Just stay wise and make sure you don’t fall into the criminals’ traps.

Author Bio:

This post was contributed by Dennis Jackson from a premier criminal law firm Dandenong. When not reading and writing articles around law, Dennis can be seen playing a game of snooker.

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