How to Help an Innocent Family Member Behind Bars?

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Recent media reports have highlighted the large number of innocent people that have been wrongly convicted of crimes. New forms of testing have proven that many people behind bars should be set free. If you have a friend or family member that has been unjustly jailed, do not give up hope. There are many things that the family can do to help the person that has been jailed for the wrong reasons. Always remember to remain positive and seek legal counselor whenever finances allow.

Social Media and the Law

One of the best ways to help an innocent person who has been jailed is to draw attention to the case. You can do this by bringing the case to the attention of the media. While national media attention is helpful, local media attention is usually easier to generate. You can call your local news outlets on both the radio and television in order to bring their attention to the particular case.

Another helpful way to bring the necessary attention to the case is to utilize social media. Social media networks make it very simple for information to be shared with friends and family. Since each friend and family member can then share the info with their own friends list, it does not take long for many people to view the information. Be certain to let others know that they can call the media and where they can send donations or other forms of help.

Fundraising and the Law

Setting up an account to receive money may also help the case. You can easily create an online account that will allow people to donate money to the cause. This can be a great way to generate the necessary cash for a quality lawyer.

You can also let people know where they can donate other items that may be necessary. If the family member in jail was the breadwinner for the family, this type of donation page can become an invaluable resource for the family involved. Those who donate will be glad to know that their money is headed to a worthy cause. Be certain to provide frequent updates in order to generate more donations and keep those who donated in the loop of what is happening with the case.

Lawyers and the Law

A sad part of our legal system is that those who can afford a decent lawyer will be more likely to see justice. If you are seeking to appeal a case, you must find a decent lawyer. A trustworthy and respectable law practitioner will examine the previous case to see where mistakes may have been made. Many lawyers will be able to have a case completely thrown out if they can discover enough discrepancies and subversion of the law. Shop around before you commit to a lawyer. Ask others for advice and be certain to select a lawyer that is familiar with the type of case that is involved. While any law counselor will be willing to take your money, only a few will be able to handle the case most effectively. Once you have found competent legal counsel, you will know what you are looking at financially, in order to turn the case around.

Having a friend or family member in jail can be a trying time for all involved. It is important to remain positive and to have frequent contact with the person. They will need all of the positive support and encouragement they can receive. Have children and other youngsters write letters and draw pictures. Send them their mail and be certain to write often. You can supply prisoners with stamps and with small amounts of cash. Check with your local laws to see what types of support you can offer prisoners in your area.

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Daniel Adler is a blogger who writes articles in the field of law. This article offers advice when families are faced with an innocent relative behind bars and supports the work of such organizations as the California Innocence Project and their wrongfully accused cases.

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