What Are The Most Common Types Of Lawyer, And The Things They Take Care Of?

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Lawyers are well educated and highly in demand, however their jobs are actually incredibly diverse. The lawyer who may have helped your friend with their divorce wouldn’t have the same background or area of expertise as a lawyer who defends people in criminal cases, or a lawyer who helps people who have been injured claim compensation. There are lots of different areas of the law, and lawyers tend to study the law in broad terms at first and then specialise as they become closer to being fully qualified.

Here are some of the most common types of lawyer and what they tend to be responsible for:

Tax Lawyers

Tax Law

One common kind of lawyer many people encounter at some point is a tax lawyer. They help people understand tax laws and their commitments, and can help businesses and individuals with tax processes, or issues relating to owed taxes. They can also help people fill out tax returns and other general tax related tasks, though there are tax specialists and accountants who are not lawyers who also fill these kinds of roles.


Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers

Criminal lawyers specialise in representing people who have been accused of a crime. These lawyers do also specialise within criminal law in some cases, with some high profile crimes like homicides having lawyers who are more expert and experienced in handling them. Some criminal lawyers, depending on the laws where they work, may sometimes be paid by legal aid systems rather than by their clients.


Family Lawyers

Family lawyers help resolve issues around families and children, such as paternity and custody cases and also helping with adoption and domestic violence situations. Family lawyers often work very closely with government agencies like those designed to protect children or to ensure child support payments are made.

Divorce Lawyers

Divorce lawyers deal with the often complicated situations that surround divorce. This can often overlap with some of the areas family lawyers deal with, for example custody and visitation rights for children when a couple gets divorced. The financial aspects of dividing up the couple in question’s assets are usually a major part of a divorce case, however in many cases things can be resolved outside of court.

Business Lawyers

Business lawyers deal with areas of business for both small and large companies, helping with things like incorporating businesses, dealing with mergers and acquisitions and other business practices. Some business or corporate lawyers work for a specific company full time whereas others are engaged when needed and work for law firms.

Personal Injury Lawyers

When someone is injured and believes they are entitled to compensation from the people responsible, either for the injury directly or for negligence in the place where the injury occurred, a personal injury lawyer fights the case for them and helps them get the compensation. This often involves working with doctors to assess the impact and extent of the injury.

There are lots of different kinds of lawyers that help people who need to negotiate complex areas of the law that can, in some cases, have a big impact on our daily lives.

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