Qualities You Should Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Dealing with an injury can be immensely difficult. It doesn’t matter if you have a head, back, or leg injury or psychological and emotional trauma. Injuries can affect your life dramatically – your activities become limited, and you might find that your way of life has drastically changed. In addition to this, we have to deal with medical expenses, loss of present and future wages, and emotional and psychological devastation.

What makes it even more difficult is if your injuries are the result of another person’s or company’s negligence or recklessness. If the injury is not your fault, then you must know that you deserve adequate compensation for past, present, and future expenses. If you have tried to seek a claim from an insurance company with no success, then it’s high time you seek the assistance of an expert personal injury attorney.

Personal Injury

Hiring a lawyer to help you with your claim is a big decision. The lawyer, after all, will determine the rate of compensation you can expect. Aside from this, a lawyer should be able to help you with investigative procedures, with filing reports and claims, and with actual negotiations with insurance companies and their representatives, among others.

But what qualities should you look for in a personal injury lawyer? Here are a few:


It is important to ask a lawyer how many years they have been in practice. Yes, you can settle for a greenhorn lawyer, but at the end of the day, a lawyer with more experience will be more confident and self-assured. It is also important to ask the lawyer what additional training they have gone through since graduating from law school. For instance, if their expertise is in medical malpractice, they normally study the medical field even further and continue their training as they go along.

Ask the lawyer if they have dealt with a case that’s similar to yours. You definitely don’t want a lawyer who doesn’t know what he or she is doing. It is also likely that an experienced lawyer will answer all your questions and give you the step-by-step process through which they will take over your case.

Attention to detail

You would want a lawyer who is meticulous and well-organized. Their attention to detail should be such that they don’t miss a thing and miss out on an opportunity to move your case forward. A sharp lawyer will be able to assess your case from the beginning and will ask you clear, concise questions that are of the utmost importance in establishing your case.

Personalized service

Just because you hire a lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be one investigating your case. They may have legal assistants, clerks, and paralegals who will take charge of the investigation – and even the negotiation with the insurance company or other lawyers! Ask the lawyer if they will personally investigate and negotiate with adjustors and insurance companies for you. You would want a lawyer who has the right amount of experience, such as a Raton injury attorney, but you wouldn’t want a lawyer who will be too busy to pay attention to your case and your needs.

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  1. Tom Smith says:

    “you wouldn’t want a lawyer who will be too busy to pay attention to your case and your needs” – that is very correct that is why you should ask if they will actually do the job for you personally. Thanks for sharing this!

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