Top Roadway Defects

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Most people travel on busy roadways at some point in their day, whether driving to and from work or school, or running errands.  Whenever you have to use large and busy roadways, you put your safety in the hands of not just other drivers, but local municipalities who are responsible for the regular maintenance of roadways and highways.  If and when a local municipality is negligent or reckless in its responsibility to maintain roadways, these roadways can become incredibly hazardous and may result in drivers’ having serious accidents.

Unfortunately, roadway defects cause thousands of accidents each year in the U.S., and involve many thousands more people in them, causing both serious injury and property damage.  When a person is involved in any kind of car accident, he or she might be facing more than purely physical injury; financial expense might also be a huge problem that can cause lasting difficulties.  The costs associated with treating car accident injuries are often quite high, and many people are simply unable to shoulder these financial burdens, leaving them either without proper treatment or with incomplete treatment.

6 Common Defects on Roadways

Any roadway that is traveled on frequently, or that generally just sees a lot of traffic, will sustain normal wear and tear that could turn into roadway defects if not addressed in a timely manner.  Dangerous or inclement weather might also cause defects to form.  While a roadway might be defective and dangerous in a number of ways, six of the more common, and dangerous, roadway defects include:

  1. Shoulder Drop-Off
  2. Potholes / Uneven Pavement
  3. Absent / Damaged Road Signs
  4. Absent / Damaged Guardrails
  5. Construction Negligence / Objects in Roadway
  6. Overgrown Brush

Each of these common defects could cause serious accidents with devastating effects, affecting not just your vehicle, but also anyone in or near your vehicle at the time of the accident.  Unfortunately, anyone who is involved in a car accident might have to deal with more consequences than just physical injuries, as the financial costs of recovering after a car accident can be even more burdensome.  However, if a local municipality is responsible for the roadway defect that lead to an accident, victims might have legal options available to them.

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Carlos is an experienced legal blogger who is dedicated to spreading information about how a car accident lawyer can help those who are hurt as a result of roadway defects. 

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