What Can A Medical Negligence Solicitor Do For You?

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When we go for medical treatment we expect to receive the very highest standards of care. Generally speaking, this is the case and thousands of people receive more than satisfactory results every year; being cured for illness, having an operation to stop long-term pain or receiving psychological help are just some of the things we are lucky to have available as a free service provided here in the UK.

Unfortunately this is not always the case however, and there is a portion of those who go for medical treatment every year who end up in a worse-off state than when they started. So if this is you, is there anything you can do about it?

Fortunately the answer is yes! An experienced medical negligence solicitor is the person to go to if you feels like you have received poor or inadequate treatment. But when exactly should you turn to them for help?

If you are diagnosed incorrectly

Going to the doctor with certain symptoms that you are worried about is not a nice experience at the best of times. However, you do expect to receive an accurate diagnosis of what is wrong with you and then move on to a solution to your problem. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and someone is diagnosed wrong, leaving them with ineffective or possibly even dangerous courses of treatment.

If they have failed to pick up on your symptoms

Most doctors are absolutely brilliant when it comes to noticing certain symptoms and using these to find out what is affecting your health. Most will ask lots of questions to ensure they have picked up on all possibilities, and they have a wealth of resources at hand to back up these suspicions. However, there are times when things can be missed, which ends up making the problem worse – something which is hugely disappointing when you put your faith in a medical professional.

The delay in your diagnosis/treatment has made things worse

Delays are common when it comes to medical treatment, especially if you are not paying for private care. Sometimes these delays can be harmful and result in the symptoms becoming much worse than before. At other times, test results may come back wrong or not be given to the patient in good time, meaning they miss out on vital treatment that they need urgently to make them better.

If there has been an error during an operation

It’s very scary going to hospital for an operation but deep down we expect things to go right in the theatre. This isn’t always the case however and things do go wrong every so often – accidents happen which leave the patient needing further care or developing further symptoms that they didn’t have before the operation took place.

If any of these things have happened to you, or you feel like you have suffered from a case of poor medical treatment, a medical negligence solicitor will advise you further on your compensation chances.

About the author

John Holder is an experienced medical negligence solicitor specialising in cases of poor treatment during surgical procedures. 

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